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I have been debating all week about what to write… gotta love writer’s block. I keep coming back to Affirmations and what they mean for me.

According to, affirmation is: (noun) the act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.the assertion that something exists or is true.something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment, decision, etc. Law. a solemn declaration accepted instead of a statement under oath.

What does that mean for you? What do you hear when you hear that word?

When my counsellor had me start writing those in my gratitude journal, it was to help counter the negative thoughts in my brain that have been there since childhood. Well, they still are but so much less since I have starting doing this daily.

If you have heard any kind of motivational speaker, they will get you to “shout these from the rooftops”. Which is great, while you are surrounded by a few thousand people. But what happens when you are back home in day-to-day life? What do you do when your kids are screaming, the bills need to be paid and supper needs to be put on the table? That, in my opinion, is when the rubber meets the road. That is when you need to find it within yourself and DO IT!

This is not an easy practice for me! I am beginning the throws of puberty with my daughters (not to mention junior high orientation last night) and peri-menopause for me – not a great combination – my poor husband. 😀 I am finding that this is when I need this practice even more! I need to remind myself who I am in Christ (one of my FAVOURITE Bible studies I have ever done), what I can accomplish that day, who I am as a Mom, and so much more.

Do I spend all day writing out affirmations? Um… nope – I ain’t got time for that! But I believe that when I put them to paper, they will stay within my mind and be there when I need them.

Where do you start with this? I went to Pinterest. The challenge with that is not get sucked down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest – soooo addicting! I needed to make a point to look up those affirmations and keep to them. There are many different graphics and memes made for you to look at. Find the ones that speak to you that day! Or look for a daily calendar that will give one to you to meditate on during the day. It could be as simple as find a Scripture verse that speaks to you that day and meditate on it (Phillipians 4: 6, 7 are my favourites).

This is my challenge for you this week: write out five affirmations daily! Write them down on paper, put them in your phone, tablet or computer, and see them over the day. When you are having those negative thoughts, and I know you have them, look at them or find new ones that counter what you are thinking and renew your mind!!


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