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I started a habit a few months ago that has changed so many things for me. I started writing a gratitude journal.

Every morning, I make my cup of bulletproof coffee (go to The Diet Doctor to learn what that is), sit down at my kitchen table and write in my journal.

I had NO idea where to start. I remember Rachel Hollis talking about her Start Today Journal so I thought I would start from there. Her journal talks about writing down 3 different sections:

  1. Gratitude: write down 5 things (I thought she said 10 so I just go with that LOL) from the day before that you are grateful for. She says not to look at things too big, like breathing – although I am really grateful to be breathing. She says to look at the little things – like my morning coffee. As you look at the little things, you develop an attitude of gratitude. You will see the good things in your life, no matter how hard things are.
  2. Dreams: next, you write down 10 dreams but write them as if they have already happened. She talks about writing the same dream down over 1000 times before it came true. You are believing that this is what is going to happen. What is going to make your best life? What dream are going to do that? One of mine is that I am running a successful virtual assistance business. I have finally made it official with Borealis Productivity Solutions. Am I taking it off my list? Not yet but as the dream becomes more real, so will that line in my journal.
  3. Goal: the final piece is writing down one goal that will make your dreams come true. She talks about how a person can really only focus on one goal per day. I have a health goal so mine usually revolves around that but sometimes it’s a business goal too.

When I told my counsellor about doing this and how much it has helped me, she decided to have me add a 4th part to the journal… Affirmations (ugh :D) I have struggled with negative self-talk my entire life. The crap that goes through my head… oy vey! She knows that so she suggested I do that as well. I actually had to look up affirmation statements on Pinterest to know where to start… seriously! Then each day, I think about what brought me down the previous day. What was that negative self-talk I had… I won’t be successful, I won’t find new clients for my business, I am not going to lose the weight I want to… the list goes can go on. The I change those around into affirmation statements. I will be successful, I will find new clients, I will lose the weight, etc.

People talk about putting pen to paper. I have thought about doing this on my computer as I find that easier a lot of the time but I know myself well enough that I would just copy and paste. When I put pen to paper I can’t do that. Yes, I copy the same dreams over but I am repeating them in my head each time I write them down.

So I now I am asking you… how do you start your day? Do you write in a journal? Do you have a habit like this? If not, I would encourage you to try it for a month. See how it changes your perspective on the world.


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