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Meal Planning

We all gotta eat! Some days it’s easier to figure out what to eat than others. There are so many days when you come home from work, school, or other activities and you have no hot clue what to do for dinner.

Enter meal planning! For many years now, my husband and I have been doing this. We sit down on Friday or Saturday and plan out our supper menu for the week. We have a calendar on our Apple devices just for meal planning. undefined As you can see, I share it with him so that when we are separated on different trips, we can still work together to get it done. Then we build our grocery list around our meal plan and off we go – we’ll chat about groceries and different services later. 😀

One of the things we also started is our “T” Tuesdays… we have a different meal on a 4-week schedule that begins with the letter T – well kinda – that we eat:

week 1: Tacos;
week 2: Tuna casserole;
week 3: Tubular (some sort of tubular meat LOL: hot dogs, sausage, etc);
week 4: Tomato (tomato soup and grilled cheese).

We do not do this with every day of the week but it was something fun we developed with our kids.

Do you have picky eaters? Get them involved! I am thankful that my kids are not very picky. So we started to get them involved as well. I will ask them “tell me one thing you would like to eat this week”. They will provide me with their ideas and we will add it in. Now, they tend to be quite repetitive sometimes so sometimes we need to have them give us alternatives.

For example, this next week in Calgary, Alberta, it’s going to get COLD (-20 to -30 C OR -4-22 F) so we are in need of some warm comfort foods. Our girls have also discovered having leftovers in their thermoses as well. This week we are having soup, chilli, and stew in our menu. They are warm and comforting and very easy to put in a thermos for school the next day.

Now, with meal planning, there are days when you have something planned and you are just not in the mood for it… well then change it. We call it “audibling” – we usually have pasta on hand or sometimes we just order pizza. It’s not a perfect science but it definitely gives us a framework for the week… and a plan.

Now why would I talk about this on a virtual assistant blog. Well, I want to give you everyday solutions for your life. Not just administrative but other things that can help make your world a little bit easier. Even if you are not in a place where you want, or need, a virtual assistant, everyone can use some ideas on how to become more productive!

Let me ask you… do you have a meal plan? What recipes do you use? Please share in the comments what your favourite meal ideas are!


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